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Bahaa's Audio Converter

This software is a small and simple graphic user interface program, which by installing it you'll have my software (Bahaa's Audio Converter v4.7) installed into your system, then by using it you'll be able to Convert between many different formats Like the Real Player file types (ra, rm, ram, rmm) and MP2, MP3, WAV and wma formats.

Hey it's not everything, what makes Bahaa Sobhey Ata Audio Converter be the most innovation converter software yet is that you can edit, adjust the sound quality to make it in the best quality, Also you can decrease the file size with the Best Sound Quality ever you could get from a converter!

Easily you can Adjust your audio sound volume level, Adjust the Bass or Trebles, and change the sound channels from MONO "Single channel mode" to STEREO "Multichannels mode".

You can convert Audio CDs tracks to save them into your PC, in order to listen to your favorite tracks directly from your PC, with no more need to the CD ROM, in order to prevent it from being damaged from the heavy usage in playing the Audio CDs for many many times.


There're 2 ways to convert your audio files, the single mode, which by using it you can convert single file, and BATCH mode which by using it you can convert a folder with it's sub-files inside, and with the Format Filter control, you can determine which file types you want to convert from your source folder.

Extremely fast, lite and easy to use, with the FULL Control GUI you can get the best with just simple clicks.

Takes less memory resources, so you won't get your PC never Frozen, nor hang up anymore.

  • Full Audio format support, from Any format to MPEG Layer 3 (MP3), WAV or WMA formats.
  • Advanced high sound quality, in Mono or Stereo decoding, including VBR.
  • Advanced 10 Band sharp equalizer to give you a full control over the sound quality.
  • Ability to add your touches over the quality, to increase the terribles or base in the sound to produce a new file with your touches to chieve the quality you ever wanted in an audio file.
  • Ability to increase the level of the volume, or eaved decrease it.
  • Ability to preview the sound immediately while modifying the equalizer before encoding the new file.
  • Ability to preview in all bands, even in Mono or Stereo System.
  • Full CD Tracks extracting support, to extract your Audio CD Tracks into Audio files in your PC.
  • Ability to convert the Audio CD Tracks to any format you prefer.
  • Batch System to encode whole folder, to safe your time.
  • Ability to make Filter for the input formates, to pic up only one format from a folder in Batch mode.
  • Very easy interface, which allow you to even drag an drop any audio file to it, to have it loaded and working.
  • Ability to trim the audio file from any second to have the exact part you want from an audio file.
  • Ability to include your information in each audio file .
  • Ability to Normalize the sound level.
  • Ability to use the Jitter control to an Audio CD.
  • Ability to chose the folder to save the new encoded files in.
  • Very simple and fast encoding.
  • Fixed some memory bugs, for memory less than 128MB.
  • Changed the GUI to be more easier GUI.
  • Added BATCH mode, which allows you to convert multi-files or folders by one step.
  • Added the CD option, which allows you to convert Audio CD Tracks into your PC.
  • Added Help File in English Language about how to use the program step by step.
For the full detailed changelog click here

This software tested and works just perfectly on the following operating systems:

Windows 95, 98SE, Me, 2000, NT, NT4, XP sp1, XP sp2, XP sp3, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Newer Systems.


Just requires about 4.80 mb of free disk space! and It doesn't require any additional software.

Support formats: ra, rm, ram, rmm, mp2, mp3, wav, cda, and wma*.


(*)Exception: WMA Files conversion doesn't work on Updated windows 7, due to the Microsoft Update KB974431, so WMA conversion works only on Default Original Windows Seven, and on All other Windows Like Windows 9x, 2k, NT, ME, XP and Vista.

Although The HELP File is included with Program, but still you can take a quick knowledge by Downloading the Quick Guide File from Here.
Terms of Usage (ToS):
  1. All BahaaSoft © Products are Copyrighted and protected by the international laws, and it's prohibited to modify it for any reason.
  2. All Rights Reserved to the programmer: Bahaa Sobhey Ata Ibrahem, and Bahaa is the Only person who you should ask him to have this software from, as I'm not responsible about any damage occures to your system due to downloading it from un-official source.
  3. The Official Site of this software is: and it's not allowed to download this software from any other site, because it would be considered as NOT official producer.
  4. For the best results and software performance you're always recommended to download the latest Free Updates of this program.
  5. This program is FULL FREE, so it's not allowed by any ways to sell or buy it.
  6. You should Install this software into a clean system with no errors nor viruses.
  7. As it's a free software and you're also free to choose to install it or not, i won't be responsible about any damage if your system is already containing any virus, because any harm occurs to your PC would be because of your own viruses, and NOT from my Software.
  8. By downloading the software installation, you Accept These information and Terms of Use... and you're understanding and confirming that you're responsible about any illegal usage of it.
This installer works on all Windows
Important information after download:
File Name: Bahaa_ACon_v4.7_Installer.exe
Released Date: April 7th, 2010
OS: win9x, Me, 2k, NT, Xp, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Newer.
MD5 5700FE81F1F02794DE78E55E2AFD0218


Download EXE   Download ZIP

What's this Program for?

This is a program you can use to convert any type of audio files, into MP3, WAV, or WMA if a very high quality, in a very easy way, also you can adjust and preview the quality of the sound before converting to have a new high quality audio file.

which language the program contains?

The program interface and Quick guide are in English language and very east to be understood.

how can I download this program?

Simply from the previous tab "Download", the program is available in 2 files, you can choose to download the file you prefer, whether direct application (exe) file or compressed file (zip), both files are the same, except for the compressed file which needs to be decompressed before using the included file, if you're having Windows XP and newer Operating Systems, you will not need any additional software to decompress the file, otherwise if you have older version than WIndows XP, then you may need a software like WinRAR to decompress the file before being able to install it.

How do I install the program?

All you need if you dowwnloaded the exe installer, is to open the installer file, then follow the screen instructions, with several clicks on NEXT button, you'll have the program installed on your System.

If you downloaded the zip file, you will need to extract the inner installer file, before using it, review the previous question.


How can I use the Program?

The program is very easy, once you successfully installed the program, you can click on the shortcut which placed at your Desktop or Start Menu to open the program. then from the right menu choose the channel(s) to watch and here you go!

Is this program for free?

Sure, this program is totally free with NO Limitation, but also Consider Donation if you're eager to help, support or co-operate with me in this service, you can contact me from here to guide you how to support.

I Have a problem in installing the program, How Can I solve it?

Well, till the moment, there's no known error or problem occurs while installing the program, but if your case is special, let me know by contacting me from the Help & Support section, to let me see how can I help you.

How can I support the Programmer?

I'd appreciate if you want to help, or support the program, actually you can support me by inviting other people to Know Jesus, the real living God, by sharing this site, especially this page, simply click on "Share" buttons at any place on the page, and Like it, and tell other people about the program and the site, since it's all for free.

if you don't have any Technical idea about programming, then you may decide to support the Programmer by Donation, so the service would keep free to other needy people, and to support in the site hosting cost, you may Contact me to guide you how to help from here.