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Bahaasoft© Christian Satellite TV version 5.0.0 (new version ) is available now for downloading!


Bahaasoft™ Products

Bahaasoft Christian Satellite Tv Products

This software is a small and simple graphic user interface GUI program, which by installing it you'll have my software (Bahaasoft© Christian Satellite Tv v5.0.0) installed into your system, then by using it you'll be able to enjoy watching all Christian Tv Channels through the Internet Live.

The Program let you watch the following channels for free:
MarMarkos, CTV, Logos, The Truth, Al-Fady, Al-Hayat (NA), Al-Hayat (ME), Al-Karma (NA), Al-Karma (ME), The Way, Al-Horreya, Coptic Sat, Aghapy Tv, Miracle, Kingdom Sat, NourSat, Al-Beshara, Sat7, Sat7 Kids, Sat7 Pars, Sat7 Turk, Christian Youth, Aramian TV, Aramian TV (English), Aramian TV (Kurdish), Aramian TV (Surath), Aramian TV (Worship), The Holy (Aramian).
besides the following Christian Radio Stations:
Coptic Radio, Salvation Call Radio, MarMarkos Radio, Voice of Gospel Radio, Love Radio, The Word Voice, Monte-Carlo (TWR) Radio, Zaytoon Radio, Hope Voice Radio, Ibrahim Abana Radio, Al Orthodoxiya Radio, Ancient Faith Radio, Greece Church Radio, and Peiraikh Church Radio.
  • New full engine.
  • New dynamic and automatically updated channels list.
  • New "Contact the Programmer" engine with more stability than ever been before.
  • New themes.
  • New System Tray icon context menu.
  • New option allows you whether to show the program in the taskbar, or in the System Tray, or in both.
  • New integrated browser for secure online subscriptions to the program.
  • Improved the stabililty and the overall performance of the Program.
  • More compatible with WIndows 8, 8.1, and the new coming WIndows 10.
  • Added new ability to report any problem you may face in the program in an easy way.
  • Added "Donation" means to the program.
  • Added new rules is using the program.
  • Updated several icons of the program, whether on its interface or in the exe file.
  • Added Al-Beshara TV and, Armenian TV different languages Channels.
  • Added The Salvation Call, and the Voice of Gospel Radio stations.
  • Removed dead TV channels, and Radio stations.
For the full detailed changelog click here

This software tested and works just perfectly on the following operating systems:

Windows XP sp3, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 , Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Newer Systems.


Required Component Minimum Recommended
Processor (CPU) Any CPU with minimum 1.6 GHz 32-bit CPU dual, trible, quad core or more with 2.0 GHz or more 64-bit, are recommended
Random Access Memory (RAM) 1 GB RAM 2 GB for Windows 32-bit, or 4GB for Windows 64-bit.
Internet Speed(1)(2) 512 KB will allow you to watch limited TV channels, and the most Radio stations. 2 Mb, will allow you to watch all TV channels and Radio stations.
Windows: XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and newer 32-bit XP with SP3, 7 with SP1, 8, 8.1, 10  64bit
.NET Framework(3) Version 3.5 with SP1 The latest available .Net Framework is always recommended
Adobe Flash Player Version: 10.2 The latest availabe Adobe Flash player is always recommended
Hard-Disk Space 50.2 MB for the installation. 100 MB should be fine.

(1) Internet speed highly affects your ability to watch some channels that works in a high quality and demand higher speed, the higher Internet speed you have, the more Channels you will be able to watch, and the higher quality of the channels, however the Internet speed of 512 Kb should - at make all Radio station to work.

(2) If your Internet speed is less than 2 Mb, and you're downloading something while watching or listening to any TV or Radio, Please limit the other downloader programs speed, to leave a free bandwidth speed to the program to work, otherwise the downloader progeram will consumes all the speed, and make the Tv Channel or Radio Station to have cut-offs, or even to stop working, till you You close that downloader program.

(3) Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 users should not worry about the .NET Framework version, because you're already having it integrated into your system, however it's more concerning for Windows Vista and XP users as it's descriped below:

  • If you don't have "Microsoft .NET Framework" version 3.5 installed into your system, then the Installer will notify you, and install it for you, just you will have extra interface to install .NET Framework Program, you neet to follow the instruction to install it successfully before installing Bahaasoft© Christian Satellite Tv Software.
  • If you have "Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1" version already installed, then the installer will go directly to the interface to install "Bahaasoft© Christian Satellite Tv Program" without the need of installing the .NET Framework.
After installing it successfully, you'll find a shortcut at your Desktop, and in your start menu , open any one of them.

You may get a security message to make sure you give it a permission to access the internet and you need to allow it, Simply hit the Channel you'd like to watch, from the Right side "the Channels List" and wait for several seconds (about 3 to 7 seconds according to your internet speed and your Computer performance) then the Channel would start the live show, to change the channel simply hit the other channel from the same list, and enjoy Bahaasoft© Live Christian Satellite Tv Channels.

Some other Channels relying on the build of Adobe flash Player, so make sure that you have the latest version of it installed into your system before using the program, You mage download the latest Adobe flash player from the Adove Official Site for free from here.

These TV Channels can be "Full Screened" only from the Player itself (Right bottom corner of the player), or by a Double click the screen.

Use always the Right mouse click in order to have the options to:

  1. Change the interface language "English - Arabic | Arabic - English".
  2. Share/Comment/Report or even add a comment or request, report dead channel/station or even suggest new idea for the next version of the program.
  3. Open the Timer Panel to add a scheduled action to be automatically done on an exact time.
  4. Disable or Enable the Program informational hints.
  5. Show or hide the current time clock on the interface.
  6. Contact the Programmer: "Bahaa Sobhy Ata Ibrahem" in the case that you face any technical problem with the program, or if you need any support with the program.
  7. Visit the official site of the Program.
  8. Show information about the program.


You can change the transparency of the Program interface, by using the Control on the Left-bottom corner of the Program.

You can Enable/Disable the Program interface ALWAYS ON TOP over all other programs Option, from the Left-bottom corner of the Program.

You can Share/Comment/Report or even add a comment or request, report dead channel/station or even suggest new idea for the next version of the program, from the Left-bottom corner of the Program.

You can open the Timer Panel to add a scheduled action to be automatically done on an exact time, from the Left-bottom corner of the Program.

You can - when it's enabled - Stop or Play the current Selected Channel/Station from the Green "Stop" button on the Right-bottom corner of the Program.

You can - when it's enabled - to Increase or decrease the volume level oe even Mute the volume of some Tv Channels, and Radio Stations, from the Volume Control or speaker button, on the Right-bottom corner of the Program.

You can always use the notification icon by doing a right mouse click to show the options you may need, the icon is always displayed in the notification area "Typically on the right-bottom corner of your screen" according to your System version and your settings.

Terms of Usage (ToS):
  1. All Bahaasoft© Products are Copyrighted and protected by the international laws to Bahaasoft© Corporate, which is located online on its official website:, and it's prohibited to modify the program for any reason.
  2. All Rights Reserved to the programmer: Bahaa Sobhy Ata Ibrahem, and Bahaa is the ONLY PERSON who you should ask him to have this software from, and the official website of all Bahaasoft© products is: and it's the only source of downloading Any Bahaasoft© product, as Bahaa is not responsible about any damage may occurs to your system due to downloading it from un-official source.
  3. The official website of this software is: and it's not allowed to download this software from any other website, because it would be considered as NOT official producer.
  4. For the best results and software performance you're always recommended to download the latest updates of this program.
  5. This program is given to you, whether by your subscription, or by exceptional permission given by Bahaa Sobhy Ata Ibrahem to you, so You're not allowed - by any mean - to sell or buy it to any other person or third party.
  6. You should install this software into a clean system with no errors nor viruses.
  7. As it's an original software, you're free to choose to install it or not, Bahaa won't be responsible about any damage if your system is already containing any virus, because any harm occurs to your PC would be because of your own viruses, and NOT from any Bahaasoft© product.
  8. By continuing to the next step of the software installation, you Accept these information and Terms of Usage... and you're understanding and confirming that you're responsible about any illegal usage of it.
This installer works on all Windows
Important information after download:
File Name: Bahaasoft_CH_Satellite_Tv_v5.0_Installer.exe
Version: 5.0.0
Released Date: October 23rd, 2014
OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Newer.
MD5: 6AACEDB60E2AB891694AD939C2DAC36A


Download EXE   Download ZIP

What's this Program for?

This is a program which let you be able to watch All the Christian live Tv Channels online, using the internet, without the need to have Receiver, decoders, nor any dish systems!

Which language the program contains?

The program has has 2 native interface languages, English, and Arabic, if you request additional languages, contact me from here to let me know

How can I download this program?

Simply from the previous tab "Download", the program is available in 2 files, you can choose to download the file you prefer, whether direct application (exe) file or compressed file (zip), both files are the same, except for the compressed file which needs to be decompressed before using the included file, if you're having Windows XP and newer Operating Systems, you will not need any additional software to decompress the file, otherwise if you have older version than WIndows XP, then you may need a software like WinRAR to decompress the file before being able to install it.

How do I install the program?

All you need if you dowwnloaded the exe installer, is to open the installer file, then follow the screen instructions, with several clicks on NEXT button, you'll have the program installed on your System.

If you downloaded the zip file, you will need to extract the inner installer file, before using it, review the previous question.


How can I use the Program?

The program is very easy, once you successfully installed the program, you can click on the shortcut which placed at your Desktop or Start Menu to open the program. then from the right menu choose the channel(s) to watch and here you go!

Is this program for free?

This program is free fore people who want to know Jesus, but they don't have money for supscription, but also consider Donation if you're eager to help, support or co-operate with me in this service, you can make a donatione from here.

I Have a problem installed the program, How Can I solve it?

Well, till the moment, there's no known error or problem occurs while installing the program, but if your case is special, let me know by contacting me from the Help & Support section, to let me see how can I help you.

How can I support the Programmer?

I'd appreciate if you want to help, or support the program, actually you can support me by inviting other people to know Jesus, the real living God, by sharing this site, especially this page, simply click on "Share" buttons at any place on the page, and Like it, and tell other people about the program and the site.

If you don't have any Technical idea about programming, then you may decide to support the Programmer by Donation, so the service would keep free to other needy people, and to support in the site hosting cost, you can make a donatione from here.