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Bahaasoft™ Products

Bahaa's Hardware Information

This software is a simple graphic user interface GUI program, which by installing it you'll have my software (Bahaa's Hardware Information v3.0r) installed into your system, then by using it you'll be able to know the most important details about your PC and fix some of the nowadays PCs problems such as slow PC start up and hardware errors and some other software fixes to Improve your overall PC performance, all that for free. This program has the ability to make a smart update check, and notify you about the next version whenever it'll be released. Now you can use Bahaa Hardware Information to watch your RAM & CPU performance, and know whenever it's close to be FULL busy, it'll help you to know which application you're working on wasting the most of your RAM and making your PC heavy in acting with you, then determine which to close and which to leave, or even Restart yur PC before losing your Important works suddenly !

Have you ever found your Internet connection cutted off? have you ever been in an interesting chat then you found the Speed very slow till it's totally wasted for unknown reasons?? this program is for you, it has the ability to Protect your PC internet connection from being cutted off, by other bad people on the same network!.


Also if you need to open many Yahoo! messengers at the same time, you can do that with Bahaa's hardware Information ! just a simple click on that option in the "Fixes & Repaires" Section!

why should you use many Yahoo! messengers at the same time?

the answer is simply if you have an ID for your work, and you're using it to send some files to your co-operators, then some of your family members needing to notify you about something important on the your Other yahoo ID, then at this moment you will wish if you can have both IDs opened at the same moment! that's why Bahaaa's Hardware Information including the Multiple yahoo! messengers option!

Cleaning your registry won't be anymore a hard issue, since Bahaa's Hardware Information has a smart built-in actions to clean your registry silently while surfing the program sections to save your time and get the headache away from your mind!

keeping your activities on your PC won't be easier than now with Bahaa's Hardware Info, since you can easily with simple click clean your windows from the guidlines about what you did and opened on your PC!

also, You can easily clean up your Windows, and Hard-Drives from the many un-necessary and temporary files, that won't be in used by the system anymore, and keeping it remain will gain you nomore than Crashing your PC and freezes it from time to time, then the solve is to clean all that easily with some simple options top click ! and don't worry about your personal files, which will never be touched nor deleted since the program is concerning about the system files!

  • Simple GUI to make it easy to use.
  • A lite program, works in very low memory even on 256 MB.
  • Ability to self check for new updates automatically at the program start up, so you'll be up-to date with the new features.
  • Provide you with the needed important details about your Hardware pieces, Like the Motherboard, BIOS, Processor(s), Hard-Disk and Partitions, CD ROM(s) and some other extended information, about your PC, so you can get the Manufacturers, Name, Brand, Model, Serial Number, Version and other useful information like the capabilities and the installed software, and if there're some errors in any piece, these information could guide you in the case you may want to upgrade your PC Hardware or even Software!
  • Cleans your System Drive from the un-wanted files, and surely that DOES NOT affect your personal files.
  • Cleans your Internet Explorer Browser from the Temporary files, Cache and Cookies in Just one simple click.
  • Cleans your Other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox from its Cache, to improve its speed.
  • Cleans your personal activities from other spy people who might use your PC after your usage, so by using this Program your privacy will be protected from you other PC users.
  • Improves your overall PC performance, and your PC speed.
  • Gives you the ability to turn the Hibernate feature on or off, instead of other complicated traditional steps you may do to achieve it finally.
  • Gives you the ability to turn the UAC - User Account Control Utility - on or off, On Windows Vista or windows 7 and the newer Operating Systems, with just simple option to click!
  • The ability to set your PC to scan your System Drive automatically at the next time you start up your PC, and find the error in it to fix it automatically, to save your Hard-Disk from Damages.
  • The ability to check the other Partitions - drives - if your Hard-Disk is not acting the way you used to, this is just simply by typing the drive(s) letter you wish you fix, and here you go!
  • Gives you some Network solutions such protecting your PC internet connection from being cutted off by other user on the network.
  • Gives you the ability to use many Yahoo! messengers at the same time, so you can enjoy using your IDs to process with many people when you need it.
  • Gives you the ability to simply Set your Internet Explorer default page on an exact Site you prefer to start up your IE browser with it or even simply set it to start up a blank page "empty".
  • A Schedule section, so you can adjust it on an exact time, so the program will do all the Tweaks and fixes automatically on the time you adjusted.
  • An innovative adjustable transparency interface, you can adjust your program interface to achieve the good look you wish.
  • New 6 beautiful Interface Themes, you can change between them.
  • A Quick Desktop Hinfo Program, it's an attractive beautiful program, which keep you up to date in each seconds about your Free Physical RAMs, free Virtual RAMs, Free Page file amount, and your CPU "Central Processor Unit", not that all, but you can also be up to dated with your Partitions Free spaces, and access any of them in just a simply click on the drive you wish you open, also, you can get how long is your PC working, since the user turned the Computer on, so you can know how many hours and minutes it's being used, all that besides a Quick PC Power panel, which you can use to Shutdown, Restart, Log off and Lock your Computer even faster than it ever were before!
  • ALL these efficient features are presented for you FOR FREE.
  • Increased the Program performance, and stability.
  • Fixed some bugs were occuring in the previous version.
  • Added new information to get about your PC like:
    1. Your PC exact Location.
    2. Your External IP.
    3. Your Operating System installed language.
    4. Your native country.
  • Added New Tweaks to:
    1. Empty your Recycle Bin - as usual it's an optional selection.
    2. Empty some Temporary files from the Windows directory, to improve your System speed.
  • Added New Side bar "Explorer bar" instea dof the traditional menu, which is removed.
  • Added 6 different beautiful Themes, you can change between them as you like.
  • Added New Quick Desktop Hinfo program, it's an attractive beautiful program the keeps you up-to-date in each seconds about your Free Physical RAMs, free Virtual RAMs, Free Page file amount, and your CPU "Central Processor Unit", That's not everything yet, but you can also be up-to-dated with your Partitions free spaces, and access any of them in just a simple click on the partition you wish you open, also, you can get how long time is your PC working, since the user turned the Computer on, so you can know how many hours and minutes it's being used, all that besides a Quick PC Power Panel, which you can use to Shutdown, Restart, Log off and Lock your Computer even faster than it ever were before!
  • Added The ability to change the Program Transparency for both the Full Main Program, and the Quick Desktop Hinfo.
  • Added ability to select which indicators you wish to see in the Quick Desktop Hinfo program.
  • The Ability to open drives by one click to explore any drive, from the Quick Desktop program.
  • Colorful indicators for the Physical RAMs, Virtual RAM, Page file, CPU usage and for each partition free spaces.
  • Added the ability to Automatic Start the Quick Desktop program with Windows Startup.
  • Added Automatic Tweak Option.
  • Added Auto-Tweak Scheduler, to adjust the time you want the program to Automatically do maintenance to your PC.
  • Improved the program Stability.
  • Improved the CPU usage indicator to be more powerful and much flixible.
  • fixed some bugs in the "Partitions" section.
  • Separated the 4 sections: "Hard-Disk(s)", "Partitions", "Extended information", and CD ROM(s) sections.
  • Removed the old traditional Menu
  • Added guides to let you know whenever the program is loadin, working or Done.
  • Changed some buttons designs, especially in the "Fix" section.
  • Added some transition effects between sections.
  • Re-arranged the information positions in the most of sections.
For the full detailed changelog click here

This software tested and works just perfectly on the following operating systems:

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Newer Systems.

This software tested and works - but with limited options - on the following operating systems:

2000, XP sp1, XP sp2, XP sp3.


Just requires about 42 mb of free disk space and an Internet connection for the new updates and It doesn't require any additional software.

After installing it successfully, you'll find a shortcut at your Desktop, and in your start menu , open any one of them simply, or you can hit on "Ctrl" + " "Alt" + "O" buttons to launch the program.

After the program is launched, the Program will do some unshown quick but important tweaks for your PC performance, while you're browsing between the program sections, by browsing the first program section "General" the program will do automatic quick tweaks to y our Operating system, according to the information it gets about your Operating System

While you're browsing the second section "Motherboard, the program will do some Tweaks to your motherboard, to adjust its performance to the best performance level you can get from it.

While yo're browsing the third section "BIOS" the program will check if there's a recommended settings or firmware or even BIOS software, you can apply to your BIOS, the program will just recommend to you, and you decide as you like.

While you're browsing the fourth section "Processor(s)" the program will detect if there's any malware is attached to your PC at any way, and do the suitable tweaks to improve your CPU speed level.

While browsing the fifth section "Hard-Disk(s), the program will do some defragments and quick tweaks to your attached Hard-Disk, to improve its stability and speed.

While prowsing the sixth section, "Partitions", the program will detect if there's any error in your Partitions file systems, and this will help the program to do the suitable Tweaks in the "Fix" section.

While browsing the seventh section "Extended Information", the program will check if all yoru partitons are currently Health or not, and will provide you with an advanced and quick reports.

While you're browsing the Eighth ection "CDs" the program will read information about your attached CD ROM(s) or DVD RW to check if they are configured correctly or there's any settings you can do to improve their performance.

The Tweak section is to treat your System itself, as it works with the undesired files and malware files which are mostly left from installing or uninstalling some programs, also removing undesirable files from browsing files, and browsing the internet.

the second way in this section that it works with your Registry, cleans it, and optimise it, so you will get the best performance from your Operating system.

You can use the Schedule Section to adjust an exact day and time, so the program will do the Automatic tweaks weekly at the day and time you select.

Terms of Usage (ToS):
  1. All BahaaSoft © Products are Copyrighted and protected by the international laws, and it's prohibited to modify it for any reason.
  2. All Rights Reserved to the programmer: Bahaa Sobhey Ata Ibrahem, and Bahaa is the Only person who you should ask him to have this software from, as I'm not responsible about any damage occures to your system due to downloading it from un-official source.
  3. The Official Site of this software is: and it's not allowed to download this software from any other site, because it would be considered as NOT official producer.
  4. For the best results and software performance you're always recommended to download the latest Free Updates of this program.
  5. This program is FULL FREE, so it's not allowed by any ways to sell or buy it.
  6. You should Install this software into a clean system with no errors nor viruses.
  7. As it's a free software and you're also free to choose to install it or not, i won't be responsible about any damage if your system is already containing any virus, because any harm occurs to your PC would be because of your own viruses, and NOT from my Software.
  8. By downloading the software installation, you Accept These information and Terms of Use... and you're understanding and confirming that you're responsible about any illegal usage of it.
This installer works on all Windows
Important information after download:
File Name: Bahaa_Hinfo_v3.0R_Installer.exe
Released Date: July 31st, 2011
OS: 2000, Xp, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Newer.
MD5 BC2C6223E86138742E6E7FA42039A77C


Download EXE   Download ZIP

What's this Program for?

This program made to refresh your PC overall performance, cleans your system from all temporarely unwanted files, to free up you System drive space, and it cleans your System registry from erros, also it fixes some other problems that makes your programs has some error dialogs and it optimize your PC System, with some solutions to some common nowadays problems and seeks!

which language the program contains?

The program interface is currently available in English version, but it's very simple to use, no language knowledge is needed to understand it!

how can I download this program?

Simply from the previous tab "Download", the program is available in 2 files, you can choose to download the file you prefer, whether direct application (exe) file or compressed file (zip), both files are the same, except for the compressed file which needs to be decompressed before using the included file, if you're having Windows XP and newer Operating Systems, you will not need any additional software to decompress the file, otherwise if you have older version than WIndows XP, then you may need a software like WinRAR to decompress the file before being able to install it.

How do I install the program?

All you need if you dowwnloaded the exe installer, is to open the installer file, then follow the screen instructions, with several clicks on NEXT button, you'll have the program installed on your System.

If you downloaded the zip file, you will need to extract the inner installer file, before using it, review the previous question.


How can I use the Program?

The program is very easy, once you successfully installed the program, you can click on the shortcut which placed at your Desktop or Start Menu to open the program. then from the right menu choose the channel(s) to watch and here you go!

Is this program for free?

Sure, this program is totally free with NO Limitation, but also Consider Donation if you're eager to help, support or co-operate with me in this service, you can contact me from here to guide you how to support.

I Have a problem in installing the program, How Can I solve it?

Well, till the moment, there's no known error or problem occurs while installing the program, but if your case is special, let me know by contacting me from the Help & Support section, to let me see how can I help you.

How can I support the Programmer?

I'd appreciate if you want to help, or support the program, actually you can support me by inviting other people to Know Jesus, the real living God, by sharing this site, especially this page, simply click on "Share" buttons at any place on the page, and Like it, and tell other people about the program and the site, since it's all for free.

if you don't have any Technical idea about programming, then you may decide to support the Programmer by Donation, so the service would keep free to other needy people, and to support in the site hosting cost, you may Contact me to guide you how to help from here.