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Bahaasoft© Christian Satellite TV version 5.0.0 (new version ) is available now for downloading!



This site is the official website of the native Pharaoh: Bahaa Sobhy Ata Ibrahem, and the official site of all Bahaasoft™ Products, it's also an educational site in some sides, though it began on 2004 as a personal site about Bahaa Sobhy Ata Ibrahem, then on 2009 Bahaa decided to convert it to be an educational site, in order to help people technically as possible as he can, and increase their knowledge in different ways.


Q. Who is the owner of the site?

This site is owned and founded by "Bahaa Sobhy Ata Ibrahem", an Egyptian man.

Bahaa is a native programmer, started programming since 1993 with C language at the age 10 years old, starting from 1998 Bahaa used to work with many programming languages to produce different solutions for Windows Applications (software) as well as Web applications, Bahaa created dozen of different software under the label Bahaasoft™, which are all legally copyrighted to him.

Bahaa is also the owner, founder and programmer of Bahaasoft™ control management system (CMS), also known as Bahaasoft™ Web Control Panel, which became a world-widly spread, and used by valuable companies and organization to update their website, because it's very easy to use, secure, fast in performance, doesn't require any installement by the users, and the cheapest CMS ever.

There's a list of Bahaasoft™ products which are presented here in this website, these programs are available for users to download and use themfor free, as each program serves different porpose as it's mentiones in each product.

Bahaa is also a professional Graphic designer and presents the solutions of designing unique logos and banners for you, which are valid for usage in different type of businesses as well as websites.


Q. Why you made this site?

As it's mentioned before, this site is mainly the official site of Bahaa Sobhy Ata Ibrahem, to provide customers with Bahaasoft™ official software and products, also this site is as a way to help people, even strangers, if they have any problem in their PCs!.


Q. is this site available in other languages?

The site was mainly designed in English version only, but now It's available in Arabic beside English language. (Note: As for Georgian language (ქართული) it's temporarely disabled from the site as I have no time for the translation into it).


Q. Is it a company?

Not yet, but you can say that's the core of Bahaasoft™ products which are being expanded all over the world and requested by many thousands of users, It's planned to be Company soon.


Q. How can I help?

Thanks for concerning to help me, If you have some professional skills in Web developement or web application design, or Graphic designing let me know by sending me an email from here, to tell me your skills and cv, to decide whether you can join me or not.

however if you're not familiar with any technical then you can donate so it would help in the Site costs and fees. Contact me by any method from here to guide you on how to present your donation.


Q. Can I put my advertisements on your site?

Yes you can.


Q. How can I put my advertisements on your site?

Contact me using any available method from here to discuss how can things work.


Q. Can I put my advertisements in any of your poducts?

Yes you can, Contact me using any available method from here to discuss it.