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Bahaasoft© Christian Satellite TV version 5.0.0 (new version ) is available now for downloading!



Web Solutions

We offer you our innovative web-based Bahaasoft™ control management system (CMS), also known as Bahaasoft™ Web Control Panel, which can be integrated into any website, to give the website owner/administrator the ability to update his website in an easy way like drinking a cup of water.

Bahaasoft™ Web Control Panel software is a web leading new technology that's highly customizable, We can customize the way it behaves, the tasks it can do, even the colors, that makes Bahaasoft™ uncomparaple to any other website CMS software.

Bahaasoft™ Web Control Panel software has the highest level of security, as your security is our priority.

Bahaasoft™ Web Control Panel is based on many techniques such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP and MySQL, which are working altogether to achieve your tasks, in secure, and fast way.

Bahaasoft™ Web Control Panel software, can be purchased by companies or by individuals, just call us to order it now in the cheapes price.


Who uses Bahaasoft™ Web CMS?

We Had agreement as for 1 year term usage with vaious companies, on January 2013 Bahaasoft™ CMS co-operated with Solo, as it was integrated in any website that was produced with them, as all their customers requested our software to be their method to update their websites, and this agreement finished by the end of December 2013, and we decided to step forward on 2014 and co-operate with higher level of web-designers and programmers.

In 2014 a lot of companies requested to integrate our software Bahaasoft™ into their designed websites, and from these companies we choosed to co-operate witht he best web-designers/developers/programmer, this Choice was to aoStudio multi-national group.

 Screenshots of a bare bone Bahaasoft© CMS: