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Now and for free, if you have any problems in your Computer... you can request my help and technical support by using the following interface to tell me your problem, just type your name to start the chat with me to explain your exact problem, in order to start fixing it for you.

Notes you should know before Starting:
  • You could always vote your opinions and any problems occures in exploreing my site...
  • You should have a continuesly internet connection the never to get stopped nor intermittent while I'm helping you due to a poor connection or a damaged wire.
  • You could request my help if you have some harmful viruses, but not in all cases because there are some types of viruses that blocks you from connecting to the internet or even choke the connection bandwidth.
  • To achieve the best Help and Support, It's strongly recommended that you Stop any downloads or updates you are doing while I'm providing you with the Help and Support, unless I ask you to do it in a clear terms.
  • The Help and Technical Support would be given only in the Necessary cases which you really need it, as I'm not ready to waste my time and efforts in unnecessary cases.
  • The Help and Technical Support would be given according to the request priority by using the above interface, and in most of the cases I Urgently respond to you as soon as I finish helping a the previous person.
  • This service is presented totally FOR FREE.
  • If you have an intermittent internet connection don't lose the hope, Just e-mail me to explain your problem and I'll reply you in the same day if possible.
  • In my Technical Support I try to cover your PC Hardware problems if possible, and if there's any damaged piece I would notify you about it, and you are freely to change it or not later.
  • You should - while I'm trying to help you - follow my instructions and never to do something I didn't ask you to do, also you should have the free time that's enough to provide you the Help or Support, so you shouldn't be busy in other things nor chatting with online people while I'm helping or supporting you, it's not acceptable as I'm giving you my attention and time you should on the other side respect that and reply me the same attention, otherwise choose another suitable time before requesting my Help or Support.