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About Bahaa Sobhy Ata Ibrahem

Bahaa Sobhy Ata Ibrahem [also known as BSA] is an Egyptian Programmer, grew in Egypt, graduated from the faculty of law, Cairo university, Egypt. Bahaa has loved French language so much in the hight school, and was taking the full mark in it. Bahaa is fond of music and football, technology and Programming. He started learning everything in programming by his own, since the year 2000, started to dig into codes.

Worked for while on tools that utilize LUA language, and made several applications for Windows Millennium and XP such as:

  • An application that diagnoses Windows and fix its errors, beside fixing the problems caused on Hard-Disk due to the misusage of the user.
  • An application that help developers to diagnose their Internet, Routers.
  • An Application that shows and reads Holy Bible to the user.

Beside that he also made applications using .NET Framework to help students in mathematics

Furthermore he used several web technologies, over HTML, CSS and Javascript to make tools

Worked for many years in Computer Hardware assembling, till he became aware of assembling Desktop PCs

Due to his knowledge in Computer's hardware and software problems, he was offering free online technical support for people overseas, through the first version of his official website

Bahaa is also specialist in creating and developing websites and CMS using many different technologies and languages, such as: HTML5, CSS3, JavasScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL and more

Bahaa is also specialist in creating and developing Desktop applications for Windows many different technologies and languages, such as: C# / .NET Framework and libraries.

Bahaa has made applications for Android using C#.

Bahaa has some tries on making applications for macOS, and yet they are not released, due to the lack of time.

Bahaa has founded his brand Bahaasoft™ in 2009, and transferred some of his old applications to it.

Travelled to Tbilisi, and worked for some companies, beside managing his Bahaasoft™ Products.

In Tbilisi, Bahaa also was giving lectures in web development and other programming skills for pupils and beginners.

In 2018 Bahaa has founded Egyware™ brand and company with his friend, Bahaa was responsible for the whole programming and servers things, while his friend was responsible for marketing and administrating the Head-quarter branch in Egypt.

One of Bahaa's hobbies is reading and being aware of the latest technologies in all fields, but his passion about latest Programming technics remains his first priority.