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About Bahaasoft™

Bahaasoft™ products are computer software [tools, DLL libraries, applications, Web CMS and applications], created by the programmer Bahaa Sobhy Ata Ibrahem, and presented for free of cost for personal usage only.

Bahaasoft™ products serves different purposes.

There's an Android application for watching Football matches called Bahaasoft™ SportHD TV, that you can download from the official site Bahaa-Sobhy.com.

The programmer doesn't have enough time to keep updating Bahaasoft™ frequently, but he does his best to make updates to them as possible as he can.

You should download Bahaasoft™ products from this official website Bahaa-Sobhy.com, and it's prohibited to copy or download it from another source.

Bahaasoft™ products are presented as it, without any warranty, use it on your own responsibility.

If you have any question(s) and/or feedback kindly send it to the programmer from this form.